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Equity & Leadership Development for District, Site, and Teacher Leaders


The Valley to Coast Regional Academy is offering three exceptional professional learning opportunities through the reignited 21st Century California School Leadership Academy (21CSLA). The ValCo Regional Academy is led by the Los Angeles County Office of Education and consists of a geographic region including six California counties: Fresno, Kern, Los Angeles, San Luis Obispo, Santa Barbara, and Ventura.


21CSLA is designed to provide high-quality professional learning and leadership coaching that is:

  • rooted in student and educator needs
  • grounded in cycles of inquiry
  • relevant and job-embedded
  • structured to support administrators to develop their skills as instructional leaders to build educator capacity

Professional Learning Strands

21CSLA is offering three separate professional learning strands at no cost to participants. Each strand is designed to support leaders to plan and implement programs, practices, and procedures that will help them create more equitable outcomes and meet the needs of all students. The strands will be delivered virtually.


Teacher Leaders

Teachers who primarily work outside of the classroom to support other teachers (Instructional Coach, TIC/TOSA, Department/Committee Chair, Coordinator, etc.)

Site Leaders

Principals and Co-Administrators (Assistant/Vice Principal, Dean, Counselor, etc.)

District Office Leaders

Certificated and Classified District and County Office Administrators (Superintendent, Asst./Assoc. Superintendent, Director, Coordinator, Program Specialist, etc.)

For more information, please contact us at csla_valco@lacoe.edu